Sunday, 9 April 2017

Discovering my whakapapa

Discovering my whakapapa
My mums full name is Bridgett ann hunt
My dad's full name is adam holland.

My mum was born on the 8th may in nelson 1975
My dad was born on the 31 of march in london 1980.

My mum lived in nelson because that's where my great nana and poppa lived.

The things my mum remembers about my great nana that she was the best hide and seek player she smelt like soap and had really soft skin.

The stories that have come down down to me about  my parents grandparents and more distant ancestors are that my dad's grandfather thought the Africans tribes people to shoot guns. My mum’s grandma sailed from island to Christchurch.

The things I learned from my parents was honesty kindness work hard and believe in yourself.

Monday, 6 March 2017

The terrible horrible no good very bad day

Once there was a girl called Izzy and this is the story about the terrible horrible no good very bad day. Once Izzy went to bed with vivid on her hand and when she woke up she screamed, it looked like the vivid had been dancing on her face. Then she went to get dressed but whacked her head on the cupboard. Izzy could tell it was going to be a terrible horrible no good very bad day. 

When she was at school she just finished her painting, tripped and ripped it. At lunch Izzy asked Tiffany if she could have some of her doughnut. Tiffany said “No go away” and then she gave Ella some and they both laughed. After lunch they had to do maths, Izzy hates maths. Izzy asked Ella if she would help her but Ella said “No go away” and then Ella went and helped Manisha. Izzy could tell this was a terrible horrible no good very bad day. 

At dinner time Izzy found out  there was just pineapple on pizza. She asked where the other types of pizza were. Izzy’s brother said “Oh I ate them but you can have the crusts.” So then Izzy asked her brother “Can I have some lemonade?” “I drank it but you can have some water,” said Izzy’s brother. Then Izzy heard the worst noise anyone could ever hear “Izzy time to go to bed!” Izzy knew this was a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Imaginary friend

Meet Crag, he's got a big rainbow afro that's very noticeable. He's short and chubby but walks tall. He wears a bright pink top, purple pants, long socks and bright green shoes, a bright pink tie,and he wears big silver glasses.  His nose is white and round, he has big lips and a tidy looking brown beard. His legs can hardly hold up his body as he walks very fast. While walking he moves his hands back and forth.

He’s sensible, never stops smiling, he loves to talk a lot. He loves to hang out at his fridge a lot because he likes to eat all the ice cream out of it. His talent is talking, his special interest is opera. He hangs out with his friend Mr Tree Girl, Mr Noodle Bum and Fred. He sways his hips from side to side talking to all the people he sees. He stomps along the ground, you can hear his feet banging on the ground as he walks along.         

Crag is always in a happy mood he's never sad. His voice is very happy. He doesn't have an accent. He talks to others with a very happy tone of voice.

Crag hangs out with people like Bruce and Fred. People respond to Crag with laughter and happiness. People think that he's happy, funny and cool. He lives in a clean house and loves to keep it tidy. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

On Wednesday we went to Travis Wetland. We saw so many cool birds. I chose this photo because it was a really cool photo and it made me feel excited and amazed.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Riccarton Bush

At Riccarton Bush we explored all around. we took lots of photos. We took this photo because when we saw these tree roots, it made us feel wow and excited. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Discovery reflection

The activities I enjoyed most during the past two terms of discovery time was baking because I got to learn from my mistakes and it was so fun baking for lots of people. The challenges I encountered during discovery time was remembering all the ingredients and organising it before  discovery. I overcame my challenges by discussing it with the people I was baking with so that we could all go over the ingredients we were bringing. A new skill that I learnt during discovery time was how to do a backbend in gymnastics.

I have been challenged by taking time to achieve a good result because lots of people could do things I couldn't do. I overcame that challenge by practising and I got there in the end. The key competencies I improved on was taking turns. I know I’m better at it because with baking I wanted to do it every week but I learnt that lots of other people wanted to do it so we couldn't do baking every week. Overall I feel that I discovered lots and learnt heaps over the past two terms and next term I can't wait until I get an opportunity to do baking next term.   

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Speech reflection

The part that I enjoyed most in my speech was the third paragraph about ‘the beast’ (my sister).  I'm most proud of the way that my speech turned out because I spent so long on it.  The challenges that I encountered while speech writing was writing enough but not too much so it fitted with the 2-3 minute time because I wanted to add so much to my speech but I also knew that I couldn't have it too long.  I overcame this challenge by……. choosing my favorite parts, by deleting some and adding a little bit and making it make sense while I was deleting some.  Overall I feel really good about how my speech was written because I finished it and I thought my speech was really good and I wouldn't change a bit.

As I practiced reading my speech out loud I tried to use expression and hand movements and project my voice.  I think I did the following things well as I presented my speech to the class - I  projected my voice and used expression.  I was challenged to write a good speech because I really wanted to have a great speech to present to the class.  I overcame this challenge by spending loads of time on it and trying to do a really, really good speech.  Overall I feel really good about my speech because I spent so long on it and I thought that it was really good.